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Sophia Smith from Sophias Sexy Legwear: “Here in my new apartment I’d just got ready for an evening out with friends, taking my time to look pretty in my little black dress and criss-cross sheer black stockings, but when I came back into the living area, I realised that I had left my camera running. I simply couldnt resist asking Hayley to get behind the lens so that I could take it all off again, just for you!”

September, 2013

Sophias Sexy Legwear video


Sophia Smith’s behind the scenes free video from a crazy little abandoned house called ‘the porno house’. Download the full video in HD at Sophia’s Sexy Legwear – Sophia Smith’s official site.

sophia-smithSophia Smith: “Monday morning, rise and shine. I’m wearing beautiful rose print sheer black stockings to go with my babydoll. I must undress before I dress for the day.”

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Sophias Sexy Legwear picture

Do you like Sophia Smith in stockings? As you may have noticed, Sophia LOVES to wear them, to the extent that she practically have a different pair on almost every day. Sophia: “Stockings make me feel oh-so-sexy when I am wearing them beneath my dress, and if I notice a man catching a glimpse of them when I’m sitting down or bending over, I always know that he’s desperate to see more.”

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Sophia Smith: “Now if you’re thinking that I often seem to be undressing in front of a window somewhere, yes, you’re probably right. It’s not that I’m deliberately hoping for somebody to see me, rather that I really enjoy the results from shooting in natural light. Although, if some passerby did happen to catch a peek of me in my delicate blue and ivory underwear set with these ivory stockings, then I’d hope to think that they wouldn’t have minded.”

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Sophia Smith from Sophias Sexy Legwear stripping out of sexy bussiness suit, showing off her legs and feet in pantyhose. Free pictures provided by Sophias Official website.


Sophia Smith from Sophias Sexy Legwear: “It was a cool day in Spring and I had just had my hair done, I love flowers and all things floral, so decided to team my floral skirt with a cute pink corset vest, hot pink satin lingerie and soft sheer chocolate stockings. I had a lot of fun shooting this pretty yet simple set and thought it was about time you saw it.”

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